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The third Steel Seal album “The Lion’s Den”, with the well-known singer Fabio Lione performing the vocal parts on all the tracks, can now be ordered on-line through Underground Symphony on the US Store, eBay and Discogs platforms. The notice of the release date in the best music shops, under Audioglobe distribution, will be given in a few days. “The Lion’s Den is also available from 10 April 2017 for downloading in digital version on all the platforms specialized in digital distribution. More to come soon! Stay in touch!

January, 27 2013

Enter The Lion’s Den and you’ll find the new Steel Seal album with the well-known Italian singer Fabio Lione behind the microphone, scheduled to be released within few weeks by Underground Symphony!
A roaring model of intensity and melodic appeal where the band’s unique mix of hard’n’power breaks out brighter than ever!
The ten new songs have a mighty sound structure and show neo-classical influences even more pronounced than the previous two albums, with frequent interpolations of celebrated pieces; instrumental parts are varied and elaborate and their rendition accurate and brilliant, with rocky and powerful sonorities in the spirit of the most true Classic Metal.
An outstanding compositional creativity crowns the new release of a band capable to evolve for the best album after album...

January, 15 2012

The Italian magazine Rock Hard Italy published in the issue of January 2012 the editorial staff’s rankings about the year just ended and the magazine’s editor Maurizio De Paola put Redemption Denied at n. 1 as 2011 Album of the year!
We’re really happy, also considering that Maurizio is a long-standing magazine writer in the musical field and one of the maximum Italian experts of Hard Rock and Heavy Metal! Thank you, Maurizio, and keep on with your great work!
See you soon with more important news about Steel Seal from Italy and all around the world, be prepared and stay in touch! Rock on!

April, 1° 2011

Redemption Denied is having really excellent popular appeal and success with critics!
See in the Home page the complete list of ratings assigned to the album!
Good reviews, though lacking any ratings, can be found also at the German Label Hellion Records’ website and at the Greek website Rockoverdose as well at the French site Metalchroniques: the links to each specific review and rating can be found in the blog of our Myspace page! And don’t forget to read the interviews of Marco Valerio Zangani talking about the new album!
Stay in touch for more! The best is yet to come!

November, 30 2010

Redemption Denied now available for downloading in the main digital stores worldwide!
Find in the opening page of this site the link to the Itunes, Amazon, Napster or Rhapsody store more convenient for your own downloading!
The CD will be available shortly at our label Underground Symphony’s on line shop or Ebay mailorder:

September, 28 2010

The new album Redemption Denied out on next October 15th!
The tracklist is:
1. Burn The Sky
2. Time Stood Still
3. Crown Of Thorns
4. Holy Thursday
5. Victory In Black
6. Nevermore
7. Call To Roll
8. Lord Of The Flies
9. Evening Star
10. As Darkness Falls
11. Afterlude In D
The CD of our new album will be available from next October 15th at our label Underground Symphony’s on line shop or Ebay mailorder:
Until then, you can reserve in presale at least two copies of the CD at the price of 10.99 E. having a third, additional copy for free! So, with 21.98 E. plus the shipping cost (5 E. for Italy; 7 E. for Europe; 9 E...

May, 4 2010

By the Power of Thunder included in the 2006 Best Albums ranking at the Japanese website Magic Zone:

January 19, 2009

Thomas Vikstrom Will Sing on the New Album “Redemption Denied”!
Steel Seal are proud to announce that the Swedish vocalist Thomas Vikstrom (Candlemass, Brazen Abbott, Stormwind, Dark Illusion, Therion) will be singing on the upcoming second album. So, he will be the successor of DC Cooper, who appeared behind the microphone on “By the Power of Thunder”. Vikstrom is presently in Argentina, where he’s going to record his vocal parts during the month of January; the remaining recordings and the final mixing will take place in the next month of March. The new album, entitled “Redemption Denied”, will be released by the Italian label Underground Symphony.
WHAT WILL THE NEW ALBUM SOUND LIKE? The Band to talk about it soon… stay tuned!