The Band

Marco Valerio Zangani

Born in Rome in 1964, he leaves the town with his family in his early years to come back, due to his job, in 1988 from Naples, where he has started to play guitar with rock bands at an amateur level. Very fond of hard rock and heavy metal though not a full-time musician, in Rome he sets up Sacer Tiber in 1992 to carry out original hard rock songs written by himself. He remains
with that band till the end of the Nineties, recording some demo-tapes and performing often live with some success but without reaching a recording deal. When Sacer Tiber are wound up, he devotes himself to evolve his instrumental technique and songwriting toward contemporary neoclassical power metal, without nevertheless giving up traditional hard rock, and in 2003 he forms Steel Seal in order to merge the two genres as carrying out new original songs. Composer of the band’s music and lyrics, he’s keen on classical music, particularly the baroque and romantic one, and on poetry, especially romantic, often a source of inspiration for the verse of his songs.