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The fifteenth anniversary of our first album!

In the current year 2021 fifteen years have come to an end since the release of By the Power of Thunder, the first Steel Seal album, happened in 2006! To celebrate this festive occasion we want to remind some of the praise and recognitions given worldwide to the album, that was included:

  • in the 2006 Best Albums ranking (Japanese edition) of the Japanese website Magic Zone;
  • in the 2007 Best Releases Ranking (European and Rest of the World edition) of the Italian website;
  • at n. 1 in the Playlists of the Danish website;
  • in the 2007 Top Ten of the Italian website;
  • in the Buy or Die! albums of the Bulgarian website;
  • in the Recommended CDs of the US website;
  • in the Daily CD Ranking Top Ten of the Japanese website;
  • in the Reco...

Recognitions to The Lion’s Den

Up to now, after its release The Lion’s Den has been recommended by,,, and several other metal blogs; it has been at n. 2 in the 2017 Ten Best Power Metal Albums ranking of; and at n. 5 in the 2017 Best Power Metal Albums ranking of


The third Steel Seal album “The Lion’s Den”, with the well-known singer Fabio Lione performing the vocal parts on all the tracks, can now be ordered on-line through Underground Symphony on the US Store, eBay and Discogs platforms. The notice of the release date in the best music shops, under Audioglobe distribution, will be given in a few days. “The Lion’s Den is also available from 10 April 2017 for downloading in digital version on all the platforms specialized in digital distribution. More to come soon! Stay in touch!